Choose your funeral home with confidence

At your difficult time, it's important to know that the firm you are choosing represents the highest standards of professionalism. By the very nature of their association with KAVOD, they have shown their deep compassion towards attaining the highest standards for their families and communities. Their constant dedication to keeping themselves up to date on all of the latest legislative, consumer protection, advanced learning and caring practices is why you can choose a KAVOD Member firm with confidence.

Strength in Membership

The strength in membership comes in the form of strength in numbers. KAVOD represents a coalition of professional funeral homes who believe that a solid future for funeral service is based on the collective insight and dedication from caring professionals. This unified voice helps to shape and provide the professional standards that families and communities count on in their time of need.

Getting Started in the Industry

Getting Started

Have you always wondered what it takes to become a funeral director in? The best way to a license in your state is to first contact your state board. They will tell you requirements to obtain a license and what local schools in your area offer a funeral service program. As the future progresses, the funeral industry requires more and more professionals to help in the grieving and funeral arrangement process. However you decide to proceed, we at the KAVOD - The Independent Jewish Funeral Chapels wish you luck!